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Workbench Express Project


Introducing Workbench Express

Workbench Express is a version of OpenROAD and selected components that enables you to preview the new features and capabilities in the next generally available release of the Enterprise version of OpenROAD.

What Workbench Express Enables You to Do

Workbench Express, available only for Microsoft Windows, is a feature-limited version of OpenROAD that lets you:

  • Import 4GL applications
  • Export 4GL applications
  • Run 4GL applications from the 4GL database repository using a special version of rundbapp
  • Debug 4GL applications
  • Create and edit 4GL applications
  • Use Documentapp to generate a report on the content of an exported 4GL application
  • Run adhoc queries on Ingres or Enterprise Access databases using the Query Tool

Workbench Express can co-exist with prior versions of OpenROAD. You can also use it as a standalone product to create applications that do not require a license subscription.

How Workbench Express Differs from OpenROAD

Workbench Express is not a replacement for OpenROAD development and runtime components. Workbench Express differs from the Enterprise version of OpenROAD in the following respects:

  • The runtime is distributed as a few executables and shared libraries, packaged using the Workbench Express runtime.
  • Although it requires the Ingres RDBMS to be installed prior to its installation, it is not installed into an Ingres installation and can co-exist side-by-side with either an existing version of OpenROAD or a different version of Workbench Express.
  • OpenROAD 4GL applications can be imported to and run in the Workbench Express environment.
  • Creation and use of the OpenROAD eClient is not supported.
  • Creation and use of the OpenROAD Server is not supported.
  • It is distributed under a non-commercial license.
  • The creation of OpenROAD image files is not supported. Any deployment using Workbench Express requires that the application source of the user application also be distributed.

A commercial license is required if you want to do any of the following:

  • Build and deploy an eClient or eClient-based application
  • Create OpenROAD image files for deployment
  • Develop and deploy an OpenROAD Server application

What is the OpenROAD Workbench Express Runtime?

The OpenROAD Runtime for Windows consists of a main shared library called or4glnt.dll. This library relies on the normal Ingres directory structure to supply the files needed for its operation. This library requires a number of directories and support files that are supplied by the OpenROAD installer and the Ingres installer. The OpenROAD Workbench Express runtime consists of a single shared library called orrun.dll. This library contains everything supplied in the OpenROAD runtime library and any needed files that would normally be supplied by the Ingres or OpenROAD library as embedded resources. This runtime is designed and license to be used by the Workbench Express executables only. It is not designed to be used to run arbitrary OpenROAD 4GL image files. It can only used to run OpenROAD 4GL applications that reside in an Ingres or Enterprise Access database. The OpenROAD Workbench Express runtime is nearly identical to the runtime supplied to support the eClient. The main differences between the OpenROAD Workbench Express runtime and the OpenROAD eClient runtime are: (1) The OpenROAD eClient runtime requires an OpenROAD subscription license and (2) the OpenROAD eClient runtime can execute 4GL image applications while the OpenROAD Workbench Express runtime cannot execute 4GL image applications.

Workbench Express Licensing

Workbench Express is available under the “Ingres Free License Agreement.” This agreement is displayed during the installation of Workbench Express and must be accepted before Workbench Express installation will continue. The text of this license is provided in Appendix A.

Workbench Express Support

One of the primary objectives of Workbench Express is to provide a mechanism for delivering early previews of new OpenROAD releases while they are still under active development. This will allow the OpenROAD customers and partners to access to previews of new features and will allow more timely feedback while the product is still under development. This also means that Workbench Express will almost always represent the most current versions of OpenROAD. Since the objective of Workbench Express is to provide a preview of new OpenROAD features that will be delivered by new releases, once that version becomes GA, the corresponding version of Workbench Express will be withdrawn. Support for Workbench Express will be via the Ingres Community forums. If a specific problem is encountered, then it should be reported via the Community forums. The OpenROAD support organization will monitor the forums. The codelines that represent Workbench Express are generally kept up to date in regards to the integration of known problems reported and corrected in commercial codelines. Please be aware that Workbench Express sits outside of the normal OpenROAD Qualify Assurance testing mechanism. Please review the Limitation of Liability clause in the license shown in Appendix A.


Image:Announce_release.png 27-dec-2010 : A new version of the Workbench Express Downloads is available. There are four versions of Workbench Express that can be installed concurrently.
Image:Announce_release.png 27-aug-2010 : A new version of the Workbench Express (1.0) is undergoing beta testing

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Screen Shots

Connection Tab Develop Tab Debug Tab
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Query Tool Select Execute Procedure Display Unicode Data
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Export to Spreadsheet Workbench Express Command Window Embedded Net Client Service
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Project Profile

Admins Durwin Wright
Sponsor Durwin Wright
Developers 2
Development Status Prototype/Alpha
Intended Audience Developers, Analysts and DBA's
License Ingres Pre-Release Software License
Operating System(s) Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7: 32-bit and 64-bit
Programming Language(s) OpenROAD 5.1, OpenROAD 5.2 and OpenROAD 6.0
Topic(s) OpenROAD, Development, 4GL, Resize, Workbench, IDE
Translation(s) English
User Interface(s) OpenROAD IDE, Query Tool, ESQL/C, iRunnerc Scripting
Donors John Mahony
Project UNIX name N/A
Registered 21-may-2010
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