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UK IUA 2011 Ingres Products Future Features Vote

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A new slot was added to the UK IUA this year allowing attendees to vote on future features.

This page attempts to document the features proposed and tries to separate based on whether it was on the planned futures list or not. As Roy provided folks the opportunity to suggest features once the session ended, those have been noted as well but will have no vote tally associated with them. Unfortunately we did not get a tally of the number of folks actually in the room during this session. [Roy thinks there were about 95, of whom about 35 were Ingres personnel.]

For projects noted as "Committed Feature", the project page(s) has been linked to the feature.


Product Future Features

Keycode for Origin of Feature - Committed Feature (Presented in Keynote), Suggested in Presentation, Post Presentation, Executive Q&A

Feature Votes Origin of Feature Functional Area Comments
Unicode Transliteration (Connectivity), Unicode Transliteration (DBMS) 20 Committed Feature Connectivity & DBMS
INSTATE / Upsert 21 Suggested in Presentation DBMS INSTATE (INSert or updATE), UPSERT(UPdate or inSERT). Note that recent SQL Standards define a (complicated!) MERGE statement that is basically a magic insert + update + delete. The session requestor didn't say anything about delete.
Way of discovering if a global session temporary table exists 9 Suggested in Presentation DBMS
Create global temporary table if it doesn't exist 17 Suggested in Presentation DBMS
Created Temporary Tables 20 Suggested in Presentation DBMS Specify CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE (per SQL92 standard) to indicate that the table is temporary and the scope of its definition. The data in a temporary table is visible only to the session that inserts the data into the table. A temporary table has a definition that persists the same as the definitions of regular tables. Created temporary tables could be used in views and database procedures.
Ingres Partition Table Project Completed (drop, add, split, merge, truncate, indexes) 10 Suggested in Presentation DBMS Bill suggested in the Executive Q&A that he has thoughts on this being done in another way whereby the explicit commands aren't needed, it just automatically happens.
Man Help Pages for Ingres commands 9 Suggested in Presentation Other
Online Index Rebuilds 24 Suggested in Presentation DBMS rebuilding index while index is still in use and replace once completed
x100 command documentation 3 Suggested in Presentation VectorWise
Online Modify of Partitioned Tables No vote taken Suggested in Presentation DBMS Bug Karl noted that this should work and if it doesn't, it is a bug that should be fixed. Since it was a bug, no vote was taken
Deferred Constraints 24 Suggested in Presentation DBMS
Finish implementing Decimal data type N/A Post Presentation DBMS More detail to be provided via email & page will be updated once provided
Add .NET connection originating details to the logfile N/A Post Presentation DBMS When a problem occurs with a .NET application errors are written to the errlog.log but the only information providing for the problem connection is that it originated from the GCD. In order to track down which user had the problem for troubleshooting processes, additional details around the connection need to be included in the errlog as well. Also applicable to JDBC connections.
Embedded Client N/A Post Presentation but is a Committed Feature Connectivity (mainly)
Standalone Client N/A Post Presentation Installer Somewhat addressed with upcoming DBA Tools package refresh which is adding the ODBC Driver to the package but you'll still get the Visual Tools
Rollforward a 9.x checkpoint to VectorWise N/A Post Presentation DBMS/VectorWise As part of migrating a database to VectorWise it would be helpful if a rollforward could be done at a minimum using the existing Ingres table structure and as a second step convert to VectorWise storage stuctures
Bring Ingres STAR up to snuff N/A Executive Q&A DBMS Temporary tables and outer joins were mentioned specifically.
Some way to switch the included applications from using image files to using the source code database without removing the image file information (i.e. the file details are just ignored). N/A Post Conference via email OpenROAD Feature exists already and documented in Workbench User Guide

Bring Ingres STAR upto snuff

Ultimately what I would like to see is that for at least the registration of Ingres tables into Ingres databases that STAR was unnecessary. Many other DDMS's allow an equivalent system.

Also, if the database is on the same installation as the database holding the registered table the 'register as link' command should not require a NODE parameter.

SQL command to do optimizedb

And heres an extra one I forgot to ask for at the conference.

Could we have an SQL command to optimize a table? I believe that some work has already been done on this and I would love to see it completed and released.

Martin Bowes

Agreeing with Marty about this one referring to my Enhancement Request from 2008 Issue 124644 Sir 119692 as optimizedb is only possible from Command-line on the Backend-Server and not from a client, which might be a different Ingres-version, platform or maybe OpenROAD or embedded software. Remote call with shell-scripts is not always possible. Henrik Georg Sørensen, Organisator, Denmark.

BEFORE triggers to allow DML

And here's another one I forgot...brains like sludge or what?

Currently BEFORE triggers cannot execute a procedure which directly executes insert, update, delete commands. Instead if I wish to do this, I have to get the procedure called by the BEFORE trigger to execute a second procedure which contains these commands. This is messy.

Martin Bowes

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