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Ingres DTP Plug-in

The Ingres Eclipse DTP plug-in provides the ability to develop applications that interface with your Ingres databases from within the Eclipse IDE.

You can browse tables and triggers (also known as rules in Ingres), procedures, sequences, synonyms and views. You can edit procedure, table and trigger contents directly with dedicated editors and DTP includes an Ad Hoc SQL editor for ultimate flexibility.

You can develop and test Java applications that use the Ingres JDBC driver. DTP allows you to set up database connections locally or in the cloud!

Note: The Ingres DTP plug-ins now come installed with Eclipse Galileo 3.5, and with Eclipse Helios 3.6. Therefore you don't have to do anything extra in order to integrate with your Ingres DBMS on these Eclipse releases.

     See the DTP web cast here for more info, or experiment for yourself!
     For instructions on how to set up a connection profile in Eclipse, see Connecting to Ingres via DTP here.

Ingres DTP Bundle

You can download a complete bundle which includes Eclipse, all the required plug-ins for DTP and the Ingres DTP plug-in from:


Eclipse DTP

The Eclipse Datatools site includes a list of pre-requisites for DTP and is the final authority on the subject.

     See here for the Ingres DTP source code within the Eclipse repository.
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