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Download EasyIngres from Ingres ESD

README EasyIngres V1.0 10-April-2009

Also available and updated on http://community.ingres.com/wiki/Easy_Ingres_PHP_Documentation

Note : Make sure the Windows account you use when you install EasyIngres has a password.


The Easy Ingres project has been designed for users who have not installed Ingres before. If you have Ingres already installed please read the rest of this document as it discusses how to deal with multiple Ingres installations.

Multiple Ingres Installations

Once Easy Ingres has been installed you can access the Ingres command tools using the setingenv.bat batch file:

  1. Start a command prompt
        1. Start -> Run -> Enter cmd.exe -> Press OK
        2. Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt 
  2. Setup the Ingres environment, assumes the original installation for Ingres is in 
     C:\Program Files\IngresII and Easy Ingres is installed to C:\Program Files\EasyIngres, using:
     "C:\Program Files\IngresII\ingres\bin\setingenv.bat"
     "C:\Program Files\EasyIngres\ingres\bin\setingenv.bat"

Apache PHP demo

For the Apache PHP demo application to work the II_SYSTEM and PATH environment variables need to point to the new Easy Ingres installation. The II_SYSTEM and PATH environment variables need to be modified such that:

   * II_SYSTEM points to the Easy Ingres installation, for example 
     C:\Program Files\EasyIngres
   * The PATH environment variable references the Easy Ingres installation before any other: 
     C:\Program Files\EasyIngres\ingres\bin;C:\Program Files\EasyIngres\ingres\utility;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32;....

These environment variables can be changed via:

   * Right click My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Click Environment Variables -> Edit System Variables 
     for II_SYSTEM and PATH or
   * Start -> All Programs -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Click Environment Variables -> 
     Edit System Variables for II_SYSTEM and PATH 

Once set click OK twice then reboot. This reboot is required since the Service Control Manager will not see the updated environment settings until the next startup.


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