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Easy Ingres PHP Home


This EASYIngres project was initiated by Little Satan, an Ingres fan we've met at Solutions Linux in Paris. The intention is to provide something similar to EasyPHP but running with Ingres.

EasyIngres is a package which automatically installs a PHP development environment on Windows including :

  • Ingres 9.2
  • Apache 2.2.8
  • PHP 5.2.9

Plus other tools like the Ingres Developer Workbench V0.1 (thanks Emma) and the Scite editor version 1.77

You can find this download and the source code at : http://esd.ingres.com/product/Community_Projects/Development_Tools/Windows_32-Bit/EasyIngres/

Main contributor is:

Cédric Pasquotti aka Little Satan

helped by :

Hervé Leclerc, Bruno Bompar, Stéphane Padique, Vincent Ducrohet, Grant Croker.

Version 1.0 Windows delivered in June 2009. Next project will be also on Linux.

EasyIngres V2.0 on LINUX contribution : click on the Project Tab.

Bruno Bompar, 23 Juillet 2009

Project Profile

Admins Bruno Bompar
Sponsor Bruno Bompar
Developers Cedric
Development Status Complete
Intended Audience Developers
Operating System(s) 32-bit MS Windows (2000/XP/Vista)
Programming Language(s) PHP
Topic(s) Ingres, PHP
Registered 17-Oct-2008
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