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Accomplishments in OpenROAD Sprint at the 2012 German IUA (GIUA)

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Posted 2012-10-23 at 11:57 AM by teresa
Updated 2012-11-12 at 12:59 PM by teresa (Updated with reference to the one Sprint project that didn't have a project page when article was first written)

Members of the OpenROAD development team and customers participated in an OpenROAD Sprint October 9–11 in Langen, Germany. It was Actian's first ever Sprint in Germany, and from all reports it was very successful. Here's what we accomplished.

Joe Kronk, Teresa King, and Bodo Bergmann thoroughly reviewed the OpenROAD Enhancement queue prior to the event, looking for potential projects that could be completed in our time together. Participants also suggested projects that would be beneficial to them. Although many projects were considered, the issues addressed were all OpenROAD enhancements that customers requested. Smaller enhancements will be considered for implementation at future Sprints so it is important that all of our customers log feature requests via the Support Mechanism.

Continuing our recent trend, Bodo and Joe decided to focus on 4GL projects because 3GL projects are usually too large to tackle in the timeframe available, and the majority of attendees are 4GL developers.

Considering that half the customers were participating in their first Sprint, they accomplished a significant amount of work.

4GL Projects Tackled

Stefan Massopust, Kim Ginnerup, Andreas Gießel, and Bodo completed the following 4GL enhancements:

3GL Project Accomplished

Although the plan was to focus on 4GL projects, Joe and Thomas completed one 3GL project previously logged as a customer enhancement request since it turned out to be a very simple change:

Participants considered other projects that at first glance appeared fairly easy to implement. However, it quickly became clear this wasn’t always the case because, if implemented incorrectly, there could be serious side effects on other parts of the system. Another specific request was researched but abandoned not because the idea wasn’t good, but because the proposed implementation would adversely impact the end user application.

Customer Challenges Resolved

A Sprint is a good time to get the OpenROAD development team to look at your hard to reproduce problems.

Thomas's customers had been seeing some abnormal terminations, but Thomas was having trouble providing reproducible test cases and sufficient data to expose the underlying problem. Joe and Thomas spent some time analyzing traces and crash dumps and managed to get to the heart of one problem. Another one was resolved earlier this week.

More Than Just a Sprint

Since all the slots at the German IUA were filled, Consolidate Systems took the opportunity to share some of the work that they are doing with OpenROAD. They delivered a presentation, "OpenROAD: A LEADER IN MOBILE REVOLUTION," along with a live demo of two OpenROAD applications that run on the web and on mobile devices. It was very impressive.

Because the attendees were unable to attend the German IUA and hear Emma McGrattan’s presentation about OpenROAD 6.2, Joe and Bodo delivered an informal presentation using content from the OpenROAD 6.2 Roadmap page to show the attendees where we are headed with the next major OpenROAD release. They demonstrated a chess application created to showcase some of the upcoming functionality. General consensus was that we are headed in the right direction.

What Happens Next

Bodo and Joe have returned from the Sprint and are already busy creating wiki pages on the OpenROAD project page that describe the projects. This ensures that the code changes are submitted into our development codeline.

The features discussed in this article will be available in the OpenROAD 6.2 release. Projects for which a project page exists are linked to the project page. The completed Sprint projects also will be included in the upcoming 6.2 Workbench Express preview.


Congratulations to all the participants for a job well done! The attendees were hopeful we would do another Sprint in Germany and, based on feedback, they're already looking forward to it.
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