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UK AUA 2012 Sprint Accomplishments

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Posted 2012-06-25 at 03:42 PM by teresa
Updated 2012-06-27 at 09:38 AM by teresa

A very successful Ingres code sprint was held in London Jun 16th and 17th just prior to the 2012 UK Actian User Association conference. Members of the Ingres, Vectorwise, Director engineering teams, Actian support staff, customers, and partners gathered to implement many new features.

An incredible amount was accomplished at the Sprint with areas of focus encompassing the Ingres DBMS, Spatial, Director, DBA Tools, and other ideas.

Ingres DBMS Server Accomplishments:
  • Add the ability to also drop dependent database objects.
  • Define the action to take in the case of numeric overflow.
  • Add the ability to get details on the rules on a specified table.
  • Add the ability to ignore diacriticals when pattern matching (for example a matches á).

Query Performance Accomplishments:
  • Identify repeated table level sub-expressions within queries so that they may be evaluated once , then cached, to avoid the need to materialize them multiple times.
    • e.g. select ... from a, b, c where a.x = b.y and ... union select ... from a, b, d where a.x = b.y and …
  • Implement anti-join operations in Ingres, borrowed from Vectorwise, to reduce occurrences of SEjoins.

DBA Tools Accomplishments:
  • Add support in unloaddb for -relpath and -add_drop.
  • Add an optimizedb flag to suppress the "no rows" info messages.
    • optimizedb –zqq…
  • Add flags to copydb for specifying a list of the types of objects to include/exclude from the copy.
    • copydb -inc=…|-exc= …
  • relocateckp utility - Relocate a checkpoint so that it can work on different machines/instances/paths.
  • Copy data out in CSV or SSV format.
    • copydb –withcsv | -withssv
  • Unload data in CSV or SSV format.
    • unloaddb –withcsv | -withssv
  • Unload a database, ignoring system tables.
    • unloaddb –nosystabs

IMA Accomplishments:
  • Add an IMA Table for Query Objects.
    • For select statements capture in a table:
      • Query text
      • Time to optimize
      • Time to first row (most hash join and sorting completed)
      • Tables used by query
      • Whether greedy optimization used
      • Can be used to track query performance over time, identify problem queries
    • Summary of table references since last boot:
      • How many queries used each base table, view, or index.
      • Can be used to identify little used indexes, candidates for partitioning, most critical tables.
    • Planned Enhancements:
      • Lock waits including resource waited upon
      • CP start/end times

Director Accomplishments:
  • Display spatial data in text format.
  • Ability to view remote log files.
  • Prevent Reconnecting to all remote DBs.

Nagios Accomplishments:
  • Provide some of the DBAnalyzer graphical displays into Nagios:
  • DMF attempt and Hit Rate
  • Transaction Log Utilization
  • Transaction Processing Rate

Spatial Accomplishments:
  • Provide connectivity to Quantum GIS.

Although the projects were all working to various degrees, they need to be written up on the Project Page. As they are completed, the contributions will be submitted into the community Ingres release (code.ingres.com). Once all contributions are submitted, the Ingres Community release will be rebuilt and made available, together with the code, at ESD - Electronic Software Distribution. As the project pages are completed, I’ll revisit this article and update with the appropriate links. The contributions may be provided in a future enterprise Ingres release. Any questions regarding the exact release numbers the preceding content will be delivered in should be addressed to products@actian.com.

Congratulations to all the participants for a job well done!!! It is clear from all that was accomplished that many hours were spent implementing the projects.
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