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Ingres 11 technical preview

Posted 2016-06-23 at 06:38 AM by geraintjones
Updated 2016-06-23 at 07:00 AM by geraintjones

Actian recently published a technical preview of Ingres 11 on their Electronic Software Delivery site, for users to give the tyres a good kick, try out new features and provide feedback. I don't remember previous pre-releases being made so publicly available, it's a move I appreciate and am sure other users will too.

Just a week after the preview was made available there’s already an excellent review of many of the new features by Nikos Vaggalis here, and linked to from his post...
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Ingres lock wait durations

Posted 2015-11-16 at 07:11 AM by geraintjones

A useful new feature appearing in the latest (mid November 2015) patches for Ingres 10.2 is a dbmsinfo() call which returns the cumulative lock wait duration for the current session.

> sql -d -s iidbdb
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select dbmsinfo('lock_wait');\g

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Installing Ingres Dynamic Playback on RHEL5.4

Posted 2010-09-17 at 05:47 AM by geraintjones

After recently installing the Ingres Dynamic Playback utility on RHEL5.4, I’m briefly noting my experiences here, in case it helps anyone else trying the same.

For further info on Playback, see the Ingres community wiki page:
Dynamic Playback - Ingres Community Wiki

A couple of packages to install first:

It’s assumed that the necessary OS packages have been installed to allow compilation (gcc, make etc).


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